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The Vibrant Therapist

What would it look like and feel like if you were more vibrant?

We all want to be and are capable of being vibrant therapists, but sometimes we lose our way. When we are not purposeful about the way in which we do our work, we can give all of our energy to our work leaving ourselves with none when it it comes to our lives outside of work.

  • vibrant therapist dreamVibrant therapists are mental health providers who are passionate and engaged in both their work and their lives outside of the therapy office.
  • Vibrant therapists work on discovering how to do the work of therapist in a way that energizes them without leaving them depleted when it comes to self care, personal interests and relationships.

Often times, we may find ourselves trying to follow the path that seemed to work for someone else and find that this path doesn’t work for us.

Sarah will help you find the path to vibrancy that works for YOU.

She has spent a lot of time talking to therapists who find themselves exhausted and overwhelmed trying to balance their therapy practice with the obligations of having a family. It doesn’t have to be that way! She is enthusiastic about supporting other therapists in finding a way to approach their practices and their lives in a way that brings them more energy.

Becoming a vibrant therapist is a truly individual process that continues to evolve throughout our careers. If you are interested in talking about how you can become a more vibrant therapist, schedule a Vibrant Therapist Clarity Call.

The Vibrant Therapist is all about supporting therapists as they create space and shine in the way that works for them.

Schedule a free 20 minute Vibrant Therapist Clarity Call today.

The clarity call is an opportunity for you to discover what it would look like for you to become a more vibrant therapist and to create a strategy to overcome barriers that are in your way. By the end of the call, you will have one clear action step to take in order to reduce your sense of overwhelm, re-claim your time & energy and start feeling more vibrant.

Please feel free to email me if you’d like to connect this month, but can’t find a time that works for your schedule. The schedule for Clarity Calls is released one month at a time.

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